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Geoffrey S Kansas, PhD

Geoffrey S Kansas, PhD

Associate Professor of Microbiology-Immunology



Tarry Building Room 8-735
300 E Superior
Chicago IL 60611

gsk( at )

Education and Certification

PhD: Stanford University, Cancer Biology (1984)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Stanford University (1985)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Iowa (1990)


Description of Interests

My laboratory is interested in transcriptional control of leukocyte traffic during inflammation and immunity. Our focus is on glycosyltransferase genes which encode enzymes which contribute to the biosynthesis of glycan ligands for selectins. Selectins are carbohydrate-binding adhesion molecules which control leukocyte recruitment during inflammation as well as homeostatic functions such as lymphocyte recirculation through secondary lymphoid organs and leukocyte traffic to bone marrow. At least four glycosyltransferases which participate in selectin ligand formation have been identified, among which the most important is an a1,3 fucosyltransferase called FucT-VII, encoded by Fut7. All evidence suggests that Fut7 is dedicated to selectin ligand formation, yet the molecular genetic basis for its complex pattern of expression is poorly understood. We use molecular biologic, genetic, cell biologic, biochemical and immunological approaches to understand how T cell activation and specific cytokines control expression of Fut7 and selectin ligands in activated T cells, how Fut7 gene expression is controlled in hematopoietic stems cells and developing myeloid cells, and how Fut7 gene expression is controlled by both transcription factors and cis-acting genetic elements.

Interests (Keywords)

Gene Regulation; Immunology; Inflammation; Molecular Genetics; Stem Cells

Research and Publications

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