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Hans-Georg  Simon, PhD

Hans-Georg Simon, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics)



Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute Box 204
225 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60611

hgsimon( at )

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Education and Certification

PhD: University of Freiburg, Biology (1988)


Description of Interests

Building And Re-Building Of Limbs And Hearts. The Simon laboratory has identified regulatory genes that play key roles in limb development in virtually all vertebrates, including humans. Surprisingly, these genes are also critical for the shaping of the heart during embryogenesis and when mutated in humans, they lead to birth defects of the arms and heart. Using zebrafish and mouse models, the lab tries to gain a deeper understanding of common genetic pathways in limb and heart development and disease. In addition to these developmental studies, the lab is interested in discovering the genes that are involved in regenerative processes. As models for these investigations, zebrafish and newts are employed, which can regenerate limbs and heart ventricles throughout their life times. The identification of genetic pathways that are operational in these regenerating species, but not in mammals, will provide new insights how to restore regenerative abilities in non-regenerating species including humans.

Interests (Keywords)

Blood/Bleeding Disorders (anemia, clotting, etc.); Cell Biology; Congenital Heart Disease; Cytoskeleton; Developmental biology; Extracellular Matrix; Regenerative Medicine; Stem Cells

Research and Publications

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