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Karla Fullner Satchell, PhD

Karla Fullner Satchell, PhD

Professor of Microbiology-Immunology



Ward Building Room 6-205
303 E Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60611

k-satchell( at )

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Education and Certification

PhD: University of Washington, Microbiology (1996)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Pittsburgh (1997)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Harvard Medical School (2000)


Description of Interests

My research focuses on the role of secreted protein toxins on bacterial pathogenesis. The toxins we study are members of the MARTX family and are produced by Vibrio cholerae, a pathogen important for the diarrheal disease cholera, and Vibrio vulnificus, a pathogen that causes septicemia and necrotizing fasciitis from seafood consumption as well as wound infections. Our group studies the mechanism of action of these toxins using a combination of cell biology, biochemistry, and structural biology. In addition, we investigate the role of these toxins in pathogenesis using animal and tissue culture models with focus on mechanisms of tissue damage and evasion of innate immune clearance.

Interests (Keywords)

Bacterial Pathogenesis; Biochemistry: Proteins; Cellular Microbiology; Cytoskeleton; Global Health; Immunology; Infectious Diseases-bacteria; Structural Biology

Research and Publications

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