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Christopher J Payne, PhD

Christopher J Payne, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Human Molecular Genetics) and Obstetrics and Gynecology



Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute Box 211
225 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60611

c-payne( at )

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Education and Certification

PhD: Oregon Health & Science University , Cell & Developmental Biology (2003)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Developmental Biology (2004)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Washington, Developmental Biology (2007)


Description of Interests

My lab focuses on how genetic and epigenetic modulators promote the development and maintenance of adult stem cells. Microenvironments, or niches, support the maintenance of stem cells and facilitate the development of tumors through largely unknown mechanisms. Cell-autonomous genetic pathways and epigenetic networks have emerged as important determinants for the self-renewal and differentiation of stem cells in embryonic, juvenile, and adult issues. The importance of non-cell autonomous genetic and epigenetic factors is less well established. Our goal is to identify and characterize the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms utilized by both stem cells and their surrounding niche in supporting the stem cell program. For these studies, the developing mouse testis is used to examine interactions between male germline stem cells and their somatic niche. Human mesenchymal stem cells are also used as an in vitro model system.

Interests (Keywords)

Cancer Biology; Cell Biology; Developmental biology; Developmental genetics; Gene Regulation; Infertility - Male; Reproduction; Stem Cells

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