Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Genetic Medicine

Detailed Project Information

Prior to blastocyst injections

Investigators must have an approved animal protocol describing the use of animals generated by the TTML before microinjections can be scheduled.

Scheduled injections

Preparation of ES cells for blastocyst microinjection:

Blastocyst microinjections: a minimum of 36 E3.5 blastocysts are injected and transferred into E2.5 surrogate females.

Expected results

Timeline for scheduled blastocyst injections

Your responsibilities following injections

  1. Transfer of animals: once pups are weaned, TTML will initiate the online transfer of these mice to your animal room and protocol.
  2. Breeding of founders: breeding and subsequent experiments are, of course, your responsibility. Our staff can provide consultation on animal handling, breeding and housing, if necessary.