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Billing Notifications, Invoices & Order History
Payment Sources
User Roles

Billing Notifications, Invoices & Order History

All bills are generated once per month. You can expect to see your billing notification (internal customers) or invoice (external customers) within the first week of the following month.

Billing Notification (internal customers)

When an order is ready to be billed through NUCore, the core facility will send out a billing review notification. This notification allows the customer to review charges before they are processed by NU’s financial system. The notice is delivered in the form of a system-­generated email that is sent to the ‘Owner’ and any ‘Business Administrator’ of the payment source used on the order(s).

Example email: New transactions for Test Facility (TF) have been posted to "Test PO1/333333/Test Facility". Please log in to NUCore and review these charges.

Clicking on the link in the email takes you to the NUCore login page. Once logged in, you will be presented with the list of charges sent for review.

Please note that the hyperlink in the billing notification email will only work for ‘Owners’ and ‘Business Administrators’ of the payment source referenced in the email. If you need administrative access to a payment source, contact the core facility for assistance.

By clicking into the ID number for any given order, you can view greater detail about the order, as well as dispute the order if necessary. The ‘dispute’ option is only available while the order is in the review period. By default, the order review period is seven calendar days from the moment the review email is sent. However the core facility may push orders through the review period sooner than seven days per their specific billing policy.

Example order in review:

Example NUCore Order

To dispute an order, enter a dispute reason in the text box, and click ‘Dispute Purchase’. If there is no dispute, no further action is required.

Invoices (external customers)

Orders paid with a Purchase Order or Credit Card will have a statement (invoice) generated after the billing review period is completed. The core facility will send a statement email to the Owner and Business Admin(s) of the PO or Credit Card.

Example statement email: A new statement from Test Facility (TF) has been created for your payment source, "Test PO/PO13579/Test Facility". Please log in to NU Core and review your statement.

The email contains a direct link to the PDF statement (invoice). This link is the only way to retrieve PO or Credit Card statements; it will only work for users with administrative permissions on the PO or Credit Card. If the email is forwarded to someone without these permissions, the link will not work. If you need administrative access to a payment source, contact your account admin or the core facility for assistance.

Order History

At any time after an order has been placed in NUCore, the customer may log in and view the status or review cost.

Log in to, and click into either the ‘Orders’ or the ‘Reservations’ tab. By default, you will see the list of your ‘New’ or ‘In Process’ orders across all facilities using NUCore. To view orders that have been completed or already billed, click the ‘All’ tab. You can view further details about an order by clicking the Order Detail number on the left of each order line.

My Orders

You may also view lists of orders organized by payment source by clicking into the ‘My Payment Sources’ tab. Click the ‘Transactions’ link to view orders placed on any of your payment sources. Note that if you are an ‘Owner’ or ‘Business Administrator’ of a payment source, you will have access to view orders placed by all users of that payment source, as well as the ability to add/remove users from the payment source.

Payment sources

Payment Sources

Chart string accounts (internal customers)
Chart strings are validated directly with the NU Financials system (e.g. expiration date, open account codes) Once a chart string account is established, it will remain active in NUCore until it is no longer valid. Please submit new chart string numbers with an account request email (email link).

Purchase Orders
Please email your purchase order to or fax to 312-503-3210 along with your account request. Once your PO is entered it will remain active in NUCore until all funds are billed. Checks should be made out to "Northwestern University" and mailed to the address listed below:

Northwestern University
NUSeq Core Facility
300 E. Superior Street
Tarry 2-770
Chicago, IL 60611

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express). If you would like a credit card account, please call the NUSeq Core Admin Office at 312-503-3680. Please DO NOT email any credit card information.

User Roles

In NUCore, each user must be assigned to a valid payment source as an Owner, Purchaser, or Business Administrator. Each payment source has an owner and may also have Purchasers and/or Business Administrators.

Owners:  Receive billing notifications for their payment sources and have the ability to add and remove purchasers.

Purchasers:  May use a payment source and will receive receipts for their individual purchases, but do not otherwise have any control over the payment source.

Business administrators:  Receive billing notifications at the same time as owners and have the ability to review charges.


You may request a quote prior to initiating a project by contacting us at or 312-503-3680.