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RNA Quality Control

RNA quality analysis via gel electrophoresis requires large inputs and quantification is imprecise at best. The core facility uses the 2100 Bioanalyzer from Agilent to evaluate the quality of RNA samples on three different scales, using only small amounts of RNA. The microfluidics platform electrophoretically separates RNA based on size, giving an electropherogram readout that is also translated into a gel-like image. For total RNA quality analysis, comparison with samples in Agilent's RIN Database allows for algorithmic calculation of an RNA Integrity Number (RIN), a fast and easy indicator of overall RNA quality. High quality RNA samples are needed for many downstream applications, such as microarray analysis. For specific analysis of small RNAs, including miRNAs, the Small RNA assay provides separation of nucleic acids below 150nt. Assay results are usually available within two working days. The facility runs the samples and charges per chip. See below for information about sample number and concentration to determine the appropriate analysis for your samples.

RNA Quality Control Pricing

RNA quality control costs are listed on the Core Pricing page.

RNA Quality Control

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