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Center for Genetic Medicine

DNA Methylome Profiling

The Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip targets over 850,000 individual methylation sites for epigenomics studies. Users submit 1.7 ug of genomic DNA for each sample in a 96-well plate format. Results are typically available in less than two weeks. Reliable results can even be generated from FFPE samples.

Technology: BeadChips consist of oligonucleotides immobilized to beads held in microwells on the surface of an array substrate. Unmethylated and methylated bead types are paired with DNA probes that complement each CpG site.

Workflow: Intact genomic DNA is first bisulfite converted to separate methylated and unmethylated CpG sites and then subjected to whole genome amplification. The amplified DNA is then hybridized to the probe array. Complementary probes are extended to incorporate a fluorophore for signal detection.

Project Design: MethylationEPIC Beadchips accommodate 8 samples on each chip. Multiple chips can be processed simultaneously to allow for high-throughput analysis.

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For more information about this technology, visit the Illumina website.